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Steve Burghes White, Yves Cohen and WA Projects collaborate on projects in Nouvelle Aquitaine.  Steve and Yves combine their substantial international experience via the cloud with WA Projects BIM Studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  This brings together a creative and solid team that can deliver great architecture to the region.

Our architecture is derived from the careful analysis of the needs of our clients, the community, and the economy whilst addressing the existential issues facing our environment.  We seek responsible solutions that respond creatively to these requirements to improve the place that we inhabit without compromising our future generations survival.

We use to our advantage, leading 3D visualisation, BIM and cloud technologies to rapidly analyse, visualise and deliver world class architecture solutions, enabling our clients to make make well informed decisions and act quickly.

The collaboration has been successfully demonstrated on projects since 2017, notably in Quartier Basseau, Angoulême in 2017 and La Balande, Quartier Mireuil, La Rochelle in 2018.

Steve Burghes White

Steve graduated from Manchester University in 1990. He designed his first buildings during 4 years in Berlin & applied this predominantly urban housing experience on return to Manchester. This was followed by a decade in Viet Nam supporting internationally renowned architects to deliver complex projects in the UK, France, Ireland, Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, Germany and in Viet Nam. Now based in Angouleme, Steve has teamed up with Yves Cohen and WA Projects to deliver creative solutions for the complex challenges of our time.

Particularly experienced in all kinds of urban residential solutions Steve has also been involved with commercial office, healthcare and retail sectors.
Steve believes in the synergy of people working together and that this will lead teams to create the very best solutions that are good for the client, good for our economy, good for our communities and good for our environment.

Yves Cohen

Yves graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1972 in Architecture and completed a masters in Urban Design and Construction Law in 1976. This gave him a solid basis for a wide range of architecture.

Between 1973 to 1977 Yves worked in large Parisian practices predominantly on significant social housing projects, always innovating to improve the places we live in and honing his architectural skills.

From 1979 Yves has been based in Angoulême, he has designed and managed construction projects for public and private clients for all types of building and became particularly good at delivering projects on budget that exceeded his clients expectations whilst producing projects that integrated harmoniously with their environment.

The collaboration in 2015 of Yves, Steve and the WA Projects BIM studio has provided the opportunity for Yves to apply his considerable experience in architecture in our region to the challenges of reducing energy use in buildings and protecting the environment on notable projects.

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