Oberhofer Platz 11, Berlin

architecture by Steve Burghes White* for Hans-Jürgen Diestel Ingeneur Büro.
floor area : 1410 m2
completed : 1997
client : CASA, Munich

*Steve Burghes White was “Mitarbeiter” (collaborator) with Hans-Jürgen Diestel from 1993-1996 in Berlin

The project maximises an awkward site creating beautifully luminous apartments with covered balconies and access to gardens on the ground floor.  The public circulation areas are filled with light and with views that connect the space to the square and leafy surroundings.  In total 17 distinct 1 & 2 bed apartments all with dedicated underground parking accessed by car lift.

Construction is concrete frame and block externally insulated, with wood double glazed windows.  Extensive sedum green roof limits rain water run off and contributes to good air quality. All spaces are acoustically separated (for both airborne and impact sound) and an underfloor water heating system is deployed throughout.